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TechConnect is a program that challenges students to participate in a monthly challenge, provided by a partner company at the beginning of each month. The challenges will be focused on real-world problems that a company is facing and will require students to review documents and use their creativity and problem-solving skills to come up with innovative solutions. Applications are on a monthly basis as each month the program will be run with an exciting new company!

Week 1: Challenge Announcement and Program Review


The challenge for the month will be announced at the beginning of the week, and students will be given a set of documents to review. The documents will contain information about the company and the problem they are facing. Students will be encouraged to think creatively and come up with new and innovative ideas.

Week 2: Orientation and Discovery Session


On Sunday of the second week, students will visit the company for an orientation and a discovery session. During this session, students will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from the company, ask questions, and learn more about the challenge.

Week 3-4: Build and Presentation


During the third and fourth weeks, students will work on building their creations for the challenge. They will have access to mentors who can help them with their ideas and provide feedback. On the final weekend of the month, students will return to the company and finalize their creations towards the problem. On Sunday, students will present their creations to a panel of judges. The top three teams will be awarded prizes.

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