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Propel Your Career Fowards

Tech is always changing. Passionate learners can do amazing things. Tech careers are tough but fulfilling. You could develop AI or innovate life-changing products. Take that first step, embrace the challenge, and don't give up. The world needs people like you to make a difference. You can create something amazing - so go make it happen!

Young Researcher

AC Robotics Young Researchers Program offers high school and undergrad students training, mentorship, and resources to gain practical experience and research skills in technology for 6-12 months.

Take Off Today

AC Propel has a variety of different programs that will help you to get into the world of tech. These Programs run at a variety of different times throughout the year with a rolling intake.


TechConnect is a monthly program for students to participate in monthly innovation challenges. The program provides students with an opportunity to showcase their skills, work on real-world problems, and learn from industry experts.


Launch 101 is a 16-week program starting from May 6th to August 27th, designed for high school or post-secondary students interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry. It provides hands-on work experience on weekends,  supervised by experienced tech professionals.

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