Formerly Technology, Engineering and Science Leadership Activities, we have renamed ourselves Alberta Collegiate Robotics. AC Robotics is a registered charity that has been mentoring youth of all ages in STEM related activities. Founded in 2013, AC Robotics continually strives to provide events that youth in Western Canada would not have access to otherwise such as the Robot in 3 Days initiative.


TESLA Group strives to involve youth to become the leaders of tomorrow by engaging them in entertaining and intriguing science and technology based projects where their innovative attitude is inspired as they gain confidence to become professionals in their area of interest.


At TESLA, we believe that the greatest inspiration and motivation comes from youth. They have the ability to shape the future. We also believe that youth understand each other best. Therefore, our programs are not only targeted at youth groups, but they are also developed and organized by other youth. We aim to develop leadership qualities, including teamwork, cooperation and effective communication, in all the activities that we do. Group members work alongside a group of professionals and alumni who provide input and feedback to group members.

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